5 Situations Where You Can Sneak a Workout

Many of us who are being tagged as, looking fat, fat, overweight or obese have a lot of excuses on why we cannot exercise and honestly I fully understand a few of them. Just like many people around the world everyone experiences stress that is sometimes really difficult to manage.

But it is really hard to at least dedicate 30 minutes to 1 hour of your precious time just for exercise? Did you know that by exercise at least 30 minutes of your day can help you a lot to have more focus, decision-making, patience and can help you keep your stress manageable.

Now if you really cannot find a time to simply go for a workout session in a gym then this simple exercises can help you do fun exercises in a situation that you did not expect.

Situational Exercise # 1: Don’t Commute Just Run or Walk

If you are just 30 to 15 minutes away from your home to your office, then you are missing a lot. For sure that commuting can help you get faster to your office but don’t you think that it would be healthy for you if you just walk. Of course you will not immediately wear your corporate attire but a more of a sportswear, then your other stuffs you can put in your bag and just run or walk.

I am sure that your office will allow you to change your clothes in your office comfort area. Aside from running you can do biking as well, there are many people in the New York area who are doing this.

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Situational Exercise # 2: Lunch Break Workout

Aside from eating your lunch, what do you do afterwards? It will only take 15 minutes to eat your lunch and most of the time your lunch break consist of mostly chatting.

Why not simply have your own set of exercises you can do while on your lunch break, basically after lunch take a 5 minutes break then you can do sets of exercises such as push-ups, crunches, squat, and jacks. Doing this workout for 15 to 20 minutes can help you a lot not just physically but also mentally helping you to have more focus and dedication on work.

Situational Exercise # 3: Shopping or Groceries Workout

This may look like you are silly but it really does help, so for people who are looking, simply just never mind them. While you are going in a shopping or getting your groceries, you can simply do sneaky workouts with it like lunges, squats and toe raises.

Situational Exercise # 4: Dance Before Going to Sleep or After Waking Up

Have you done this? Just a simple 5 to 10 minutes dancing to whatever music you like to listen to can simply help you burn a sweat. And everyone knows dancing is a very enjoyable thing to do.

Situational Exercise # 5: Enjoy Your Time with Kids and Family

Allocating time with your kids or family is such an important thing not just by considering this as an exercise but also it helps you get away from stress coming from your work, finances and other things that makes you feel uncomfortable for a certain period. Family helps you relieve that stress always remember that, so always have time for your kids and family.

This exercises are very simple but yet we tend to forget because of the pressures we always remind ourselves every day from waking-up until even going to sleep. Simply stop and think first of yourself and just follow this sneaky exercises and for sure you will enjoy it.

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