3 Myths about Weight Loss Diets

Myths about weight loss diets seem to be always around everyone’s daily life.  It is amazing to learn about the myths of weight loss diets that you might have been programmed to believe as gospel.  Find out the answers behind the 3 most common misconceptions about weight loss diets.

Myth #1: All Fats Are Bad

So many people have learned that fat is what makes people gain weight.  You may have eliminated all the fat from your diet, but still you have disappointing result. The fact is, fat is an essential nutrient for good health. However, from weight loss perspective, fat helps keep you full for long hours; hence constantly keep you on your weight loss path.  Just make sure you choose good fats and you do not eat too much fat diets.  Focus on eating fat from natural sources such as heart-healthy fish, salmon, tuna, small amount of seeds and nuts and a little olive oil in your salad. Additionally, avoid trans fats completely to help you go a long way in keeping you on track and healthy with your weight loss goals.

Myth #2: Skipping Meals Is A Good Way to Lose Weight

Actually your body requires adequate amount of nutrients and calories daily to work properly.  If you miss or skip meals during the day, you will likely make up those missing calories and nutrients by overeating or snaking at the next meal.  This is because when you skip meals, you will tend to feel hungrier later on. Moreover, skipping meals will only cause nutritional deficiencies and make you feel lethargic as well as slow down your metabolic rate.  This will actually interfere with you weight loss goals.

Myth # 3: Do Not Eat After 8pm

A rule like this can work against you by enticing you to focus even more on food in the evening hours. The truth is that, it is the total amount of calories you consume during the day that matters the most and not when you eat them.  However, taking large meals in the evening can hinder with your sleep, and sleep is significant for successful weight loss.

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