What Are The Health Benefits of Jogging?

What I will be discussing now is “Jogging”. Why does many people I know find time to jog every day in the morning and even late in the evening? Another question I have in mind is why many people I know would rather do jogging than go to a gym or do home exercises. Is there a difference between running and jogging? Finally what do we know about the health benefits jogging can give?

With this question let me answer this to the full extent of what I know based on facts, experiences and opinions of people who I met.

Why jog in the morning or in the late evening?

If you have noticed for yourself there are many joggers who really like to jog when the sun is not out or it has set. Simply the reason for this is jogging requires a lot of air for building endurance and having the sun’s heat at your back while doing this exercise can really prevent you to prolong your jogging exercise as honestly no one really can last with the sun’s heat.

Doing jogging early in the morning and late in the evening is the best time for us to do this exercise.

Comparison between jogging and gym exercises

There are a lot of reasons why people prefer jogging than going to the gym and honestly I understand them on this valid points.

  • Gym exercises tends to bulk you up compared to jogging that the goal is to lose weight or slim down
  • Gym exercises is really frustrating especially if you are just a beginner as you want to see results immediately while in jogging you can feel the results after your first day alone.
  • Gym exercises limits you only to a certain location while jogging, if you can jog the whole city, country, even the world you would do it.

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What is the difference between jogging and running?

Basically it is the same motion of exercise but the intensity of the motion is really just the difference. Running requires fast movement that demands from effort from your body including heart and lungs. Thus having this high intensity will result in short distance running.

While with jogging, it help improve your endurance and strength. Jogging does not require high intensity but it needs you to have that patience, determination and dedication to finish what you have started.

What are the health benefits of jogging?

If you are still not convince on doing joggings here are the health benefits it can give

  • Improve and support maintain a healthy weight
  • Supports in burning plenty of kilojoules
  • Supports in improving cardiovascular fitness
  • Supports in strengthening of muscles
  • Supports in strengthening of bones

So if you want to start doing exercises, start by jogging and you will immediately feel an immediate improvement with your body.

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