Why Soda Should Not Be Trusted?

Having that craving for drinking soda? That should not be a problem if you drink it occasionally. But if you are casual or regular soda drinker then you might need to think it over before deciding to make another drink.

Soda was found to have a negative effect in our body if drinking becomes too much, let us identify what soda can do to our body.

Tooth Sensitivity

The first thing that will be affected is your teeth, as you may experience “Tooth Sensitivity”. It was identified that both Citric Acid and Phosporic alters the pH balance in our mouth that can lead to a permanent enamel erosion.


These are Fatty Blood that if you cannot control your soda drinking can cause more problems with your health. Study reveals that a soda a day can increase the triglycerides by 30% which can harden your arteries.

Signs of Aging

Did you know that soda was linked in accelerate aging. Phosphates and Phosphoric acid was identified in making the shelf life of soda longer. But in effect this can shorten our lives.

Brain Damage

Soda contains a fake sweetener aspartame that is also mixed with a common food dye can become toxic and dangerous to brain cells.

Metabolic Syndrome

Studies reveal that just by drinking 1 soda a day, a person drinking soda increases the risk of metabolic disease by 36% and even risk of having diabetes by 67%

Skin Rashes

It was identified that for some soda, it contains flame-retardant brominated vegetable oil (BVO) which is a chemical that is linked in causing rashes and never disorders.

Not to scare you in drinking soda but this is just a warning that you should consider not drinking this regularly.

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