5 Healthy Snacks You Must Try

If you are looking to start eating healthy snacks then you should continue reading this article. What do we know about healthy snacks? Does it involve eating food like burgers or fries? Honestly I cannot consider this kind of foods as healthy, it’s more of a dangerous food to eat.

The following are what I consider as healthy snacks for everyone that they must try to eat!

Healthy Snack # 1: Turkey Sandwich

Serving Size: Half sandwich size (equivalent to 1 slice whole wheat bread) having 2 ounces of lean turkey meat
Calories Count: 200 Calories

Eating this sandwich can surely give you a boost of energy you need to continue with your work in office. You can also eat this sandwich before workout or after workout program.

Healthy Snack # 2: Cereals
Serving Size: Half Bowl
Calories Count: 100-200 Calories

Eating cereals can give your body energy, it its natural form which is the whole grain it was found that it is rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, oils and protein.

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Healthy Snack # 3: Greek Yogurt
Serving Size: 1 to 6 ounce container
Calories Count: 100-200 Calories

Greek yogurt are low-fat healthful diet, this is packed with calcium, protein, and live good bacteria that is beneficial to us. For people who wants to lose weight eating Greek yogurt is a good choice, by topping it with your favorite fruits like strawberries or even mixing it up with bananas and other vegetables, it is a guarantee that you will like to eat Greek yogurt.

Healthy Snack # 4: Nuts (Almonds and Walnuts)
Serving Size: 1 ounce
Calories Count: 160-170 Calories

I see many people eat nuts but I do not think everyone knows the benefits we can have eating this healthy snack, and by the way, yes nuts are healthy snacks. Nuts are packed with good fats, lots of fibers, and nutrients such as omega-3s, selenium and vitamin E.

Healthy Snack # 5: Bananas and Fresh Apples
Serving Size: 1 piece or chopped fruit
Calories Count: 80-120 Calories

This kind of snacks I can assure to you are full of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and fibers that can surely give you a boost of energy you need to start and end your day right and healthy.

The following snacks mentioned are guaranteed to be healthy and can provide the vitamins and nutrients we need to start our day right. Try it for yourself!

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