8 Foods You Want To Eat Before Workout


Many of us who are going to the gym or just before working out does not have a food plan on what to eat before going on a workout or the gym, they just eat what they want thinking that it will automatically burn the food we ate relying too much on the workout helping to burn the food we ate.

The following are the 8 best and healthy foods a person should eat before going to workout

Healthy Food # 1: Wheat Bread with Bananas

Preparing your body to a workout would require you to have lots and lots of carbohydrates. And having both wheat bread and bananas can help you be energized to go and just sweat your heart out. Basically Wheat bread contains fibers and great source of carbohydrates. While the bananas is rich in potassium that also can you give energy for workout and for your day.

Healthy Food # 2: Greek Yogurt

If you are starting your day with doing lots of workout then another food you can eat is yogurt, Yogurt is easy in our stomach to take and adding some mix like nuts and dried fruits can make your yogurt food more enticing to eat. Yogurt can give you an added energy boost that can make your workout productive.

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Healthy Food # 3: Smoothies

Who would not want to have smoothies before going into your workout. Smoothies contains whey or milk-based proteins that is rich in protein that can help you get energized for the duration of your workout.

Healthy Food # 4: Oatmeal

Another pre-workout meal you can try is by eating oatmeal, by adding fresh fruits you can make your oatmeal a lot tastier to eat. Oatmeal contain needed carbohydrates to get you energized and adding milk adds protein that also gives you energy.

Healthy Food # 5: Apples

Do you believe in the saying that “An apple a day keep the Doctors away” and somewhat this is true as eating an apple can keep you energized and full for you to start doing heavy or light workout.

Healthy Food # 6: Chocolate Milk

If you want more energy with your workout then what you need to do is drink Chocolate Milk and for sure you will have all the energy you need.

Healthy Food # 7: Salmon

Eating salmon before your workout will surely give you the energy to finish your workout.

Healthy Food # 8: Chicken (Grilled)

Did you know that by eating Grilled Chicken you can have an added boosts of energy to start your day including a productive workout session.

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