Natural Ways To Control Appetite

Appetite is the result of a combined psychological and physical need. People often eat when they are bored, stressed, or just to satisfy their cravings. Although there are a numerous diet pills that claim to suppress appetite, it is best to take natural approach to control to your appetite. Here are some things you can do to control your appetite naturally.

Number One, Studies show that consumption of fibre rich food reduces appetite. Bulk up your meals with higher-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Fruits like oranges and grapefruit have the highest amount of fibre. The high water content of these foods helps you to feel full quickly leading to lesser consumption of food.

Number Two, Begin your meal with a low calorie soup and you will find yourself eating less of the rest of the meal.

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Number Three, Make it a habit to have a large portion of salad before your meal. A study was conducted on people who ate salads before their meal and it was shown that they actually ate less after consuming salads. Salads are low in calories, fill you up easily and are rich in fibre and nutrients. However, be careful to stay away from fatty salads such as those with mayonnaise and cheese.

Number Four, Drinking a glass of low fat milk everyday is a great way to keep your appetite at bay. Dairy foods are a great source of protein and the whey and casein present in milk and milk products are thought to suppress appetite.

Number Five, A tiny little bit of fat in your diet goes a long way in appetite control. When we consume fat, a hormone called leptin is released from our fat cells which decreases our appetite. Studies have shown that a lack of leptin in the diet can highly increase your appetite making you gobble lots of high calorie food.

Number Six, Let the major portion of your diet be protein. Since protein is not digested easily, it takes a longer time for you to feel hungry again. Lean meat such as chicken, eggs and legumes are all a great source of protein.

Number Seven, Blue color has an effect on your brain in such a way that it reduces your appetite whereas the colors yellow or red, increases appetite. Place a blue light bulb in your refrigerator to keep your appetite in check.

Number Eight, Chew your food well and eat slowly because it takes more than 20 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is full.

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